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bright idea

Okay, so this may be the fever talking, but you know how there are a million college/university Merlin AUs? And half of them are set in a US university?

Well, I'm seriously tempted to write one set in an Australian university.

Please, someone either talk me out of or in to this...
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This is me, attempting to talk you into it.
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It's Merlin! If it's not ridiculous, it's not true to the source text!
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Because they don't want to fund the LGBT student group and Arthur wants to support his mate Merlin and Merlin's bloody annoying boyfriend? Merlin was a charity kid at Timbertops, right? That where they met because, like, Arthur didn't go to Geelong Grammar.

Actually, I don't know how student union funding works these days. Fees were compulsory when I was at Uni so we had, you know, ALL the resources.
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I failed to write my sentence properly. Yes, Timbertop is a GG thing and yes, I meant that Arthur surely went there.
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Couldn't Gwaine's dad be some Pilbara iron magnate? Lawyers love the arts. Number of law graduates I know who write plays or act or direct: more than can be counted on one hand.
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I bet he wrote a long impassioned letter to Julia Gillard about how important the mining tax was and not to back down. Possibly he quoted a Billy Bragg song.

Sorry. You're writing this, aren't you?

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Merlin isn't into sell-out ALP MPs, though.
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Talk you out of it? LOL! No way.

Can Merlin come from Echuca or Mildura? No, better: Horsham.

Gwen's from north of the river, Arthur from one of those poncy south-eastern suburbs. Gwaine's from Perth. Hee hee hee hee.

Sorry, just got up and haven't had a cup of tea yet.

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Arthur is a Baillieu!

I had Gwen in Coburg or Preston. Can Tom afford Brunswick East these days? Or is it the house they've had in the family since the 40s and there's still an outdoor loo?
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Oh yeah, excellent. With Gwaine?
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PS if you don't write this I will make sadeyes at you. A lot.
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Oh, plot. Whatever.
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There needs to be plenty of Rowden White Library in there, too!

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Brunswick East is expensive, I think she lives just over the creek in Northcote. On Bent Street.

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ON SECOND THOUGHTS, I know exactly which old house they live in up the top end of Nicholson St, just down from Blyth.
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Surely someone lives in Eltham or Belgrave because the city is just so draining, ya know.
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HOLY GOD. I work at UoM.

ARTHUR IS A BAILLIEU works for me.
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heh - depending on dates and times, I probably graduated you. If you need any info let me know. Don't write fic, but am happy to enable it. :)
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*stares, amazed* This is brilliant!

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Lancelot = postgrad in Australian history?

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Hunith is a yoga teacher in whatever town she and Merlin lived - somewhere with enough people to have a twice weekly class, but not so big that people don't look a bit askance at them. Gwen's dad is an auto mechanic in Sunshine. Elyan's been off fruit picking up the east coast.

Gwaine is in all the bands. Cenred is in a grindcore band with a tiny cult following, they play Tuesday nights at the Tote and sometimes at the Arthouse. Morgause is a media production major at RMIT, she and Morgana hook up to make gig reels (Morgana is a journalism major).

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Yes, please, write it. Then I can ignore the one that I am Not Writing about Arthur working in a cafe in Subiaco because his father won't let him near the family business until he has proven that he can keep a job for more than two weeks, and Merlin is a desperate PhD student trying to meet his deadline, and read yours instead!

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Trojie has written fics set in NZ. It never bothers me when authors take the boys home with them, because it generally makes for a richer setting and better dialogue. YOU TOTALLY SHOULD.