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Firstly, I really want Gwen's belted poncho-cloak thing too.

Secondly-- you know that episode really made me think that there can be a sharp line with Gwen and Merlin, as servants, and the knights on the other. Even Gwen's brother isn't in the same position-- he basically came into Camelot to be a knight, and before that he was away as a freeman, with some kind of fighting-training.

Gwen and Merlin both were servants, were being pushed back into the position where they were told that they should just do as they're told, that their place was to keep their head ducked and not questions what their superiors, the knights, said.

There's a whole class thing there, made so much worse by the fact that their positions recently have been given a semi-official boost. Gwen's status has gone up, people come to her for help knowing that she can take it to the king. Merlin's status has also gone up-- just at the start of this episode, even, with being given the same role as Gaius. For both of them, a large part of that comes from the fact that their value to Arthur is known, and that the knights know their value, too.

And then they're kicked back so they're both left having to go back to the behaviour of a servant.

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