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 And I mean really boring.  Now enjoying the worst of the cold, so nothing's happening until I get over it.  Congrats to those people who avoided me at the con;  you dodged a bullet.   Unfortunately there do seem to have been a lot of bullets; somebody on the Worldcon group on Facebook began a list.

Gene, PRK, Lawrie;  how's your health?!
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So, uh, I hate that this is my first post on DW since the LJ diaspora, but what can you do.

Is anybody out there going to the counter-demonstration on Boston Common on Saturday? 

I wasn't going to do this. I was going to spend the entire weekend in Providence, RI, taking part in Necronomicon and having a lovely time bathing in a flowing fountain of nerddom. But then, Nazis. Fuck that noise. I don't have any commitments on Saturday. I'm going to go to Boston Common and play obnoxiously loud music, and sing, and see what happens. There are no major plans. I just want to be there myself, and spend some time meeting the people who turn out to drown out fascists.

If anyone is on the fence about going, I have a plan and timing for being there; please talk to me privately.

Inspiration: "All You Fascists Bound To Lose," Woodie Guthrie (1940s radio broadcast).

Dear Femslash Creator,

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Just to note: my requests include Critical Role, Doctor Who, Dragon Age, Hunger Games, Mass Effect, and Crossovers.

First of all, relax! I'm far from being picky, and I can pretty much guarantee that I'll love whatever you decide to draw or write for me. These are nothing but guidelines, for you to take to heart or ignore to your heart's content. Also, hey! You're drawing and/or writing me femslash! What's not to love? ♥

That said, I thought that I'd elaborate a bit on my requests in case, like me, you're the type of person who likes to have something to work with. Feel free to use and/or ignore as much of this as you want. I've tried to include a mix of vague prompts as well as more detailed ones, to hopefully make things as helpful as possible whether you're drawing art or writing fic.

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Requests under the cut. )

Apropos of nothing

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The random mer-people tail generator on may be my favorite sketch prompt generator all day.


Turning season does not turn fast enough

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"August continues to be August, I hope you are well."

Last finished?
Peter Dickinson, Skeleton-in-waiting
-- sort of sequel to King and Joker. Lacks the dislocating feeling of K&J, now that one has the alt-history and new Royals straight. Not as focussed in plot, which all happened in one place in the first book, and the denouement was a bit too Dickinson for my total satisfaction. I like Poirotesque 'unmask the villain and untangle the plot' in a grand finale of detective fireworks. This one has after the fact deduction, which is nowhere near as fun. Does however have the alt-Royals in the 80s still having to deal with the constant bogey of Mrs.T.

Hugh Greene ed, The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes
-- cads, cracksmen, and confidence men. Baroness Orczy's stories are the standout, with actual detection in them.

I.N.J. Culbard, The King in Yellow
-- mangaization of Chambers' stories. Truly, why bother?

On the go?
Still with the mysterious Mr. Quin, pleasant bed- and mealtime reading.

Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight
-- later Pratchett, sometimes heavily sincere; but still, Pratchett and Tiffany.

Possibly I shall finish the Sandman prequel, though online sources say Do Not Start Here. But I doubt very much that I'm starting anything.

Erm. I have The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: the omnibus edition, which, it turns out, may not contain anything I haven't read.

I could go back to my perennials, or go on with the third volume of the Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. What I thought would be my next book- Sherry Thomas' A Study in Scarlet Women, was abandoned ten pages in. Dull dull dull.
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So, a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine was in a nasty car accident.

She's mostly fine, but her right hand was crushed. (Fortunately, she's left-handed.)

Visiting her yesterday, I was talking to her about one-handed keyboard options, which she didn't realise were as promising as they are. We were discussing half-keyboards (which are sadly expensive, but exist), and the curious thing that is the Twiddler chorded input device.

Her mother came in, and I was showing her the things I'd found too, and her mother lowered her voice and said:

"I want her to type two-handed again."

Her mother has a history of denying that problems in her children exist because Her Children Are Just Perfect, Okay.

I resisted the urge to reply, "Well, that's nice, but it's not happening, now is it," and instead, replied smoothly:

"Well, obviously that would be ideal, but however much movement she gets back eventually, that's going to take some time, and I know from experience that enforced inactivity is really miserable and soul-destroying, so this would be useful in the interim. Plus, typing one-handed leaves you able to do things with your other hand, and she's really good at multi-tasking. Plus, it's a bit of a concern that some of the adjustments she'd have to make would make her more likely to have problems with RSI, long-term, anyway."

"Ohhh, RSI's a really good point..."

So I think she's not going to get in the way on this issue.

Which is good, because if she did, I would have to throw down with her. Even if my friend regains full mobility in her hand - which is a massive, MASSIVE if, because she kinda doesn't have knuckles now - it will be *extremely* important, long-term, for her to minimise the strain on it. Fine, flicking sort of motions like typing involves would be a terrible idea for her to take up and sustain. TERRIBLE.

I met her mother for the first time yesterday; I don't care that much if she hates me. I would for real fight her on that one and she would not win.

It would be nice if she hadn't picked up some serious and permanent disability. That isn't the world we live in. Let's be grateful she retains her dominant hand and the rest of her body and work with that, okay?

Edit: In case anyone is thinking this might be good for them, possibly the best starting point my research has uncovered is this. It appears to be a free app (it says Trial but also that the free trial keeps working and doesn't expire) which converts your existing keyboard to be a one-handed keyboard.

Frankly, I'm annoyed I didn't think of this while my wrist was borked.

Has anyone ever filmed a scene where a priest blesses his own saliva then gobs in a vampire's eye? -- Si Spurrier

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Just removed access/subscriptions from a couple of people I haven't talked to in ages and who didn't subscribe back. Then I looked at my list and felt some despair, because I want to sort out more of that stuff and tidy up my userinfo, and it looks like effort.

Effort is hard.

So if I mistakenly removed you and you do drop by here, or you just like following what I'm up to, or I never gave you access when I said I would, or whatever, let me know.
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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)


After The Flintstones, it's perhaps no surprise they are shifting in the other direction temporally, and in giving us, in Novemeber...

The Jetsons )
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 I need help calculating upload speed times.

Our home connection uploads at 5 Mbs (bits).  In the fall a friend will have access to a 1 Gbs (bits) upload speed.

If I have around 1 TB(ytes) worth of data to upload, the math looks like this

1. Upload from MD's home = approximately 20 days (rounded up)
2. Upload from friend's location = 2-2 hrs

Now here's where it gets tricky. Some online backup servers cap the data flowing into their servers. Ex caps it at
5 MB(ytes) or 40 M(bits)

In which case my math looks like this

1. Upload from MD's home = approximately 20 days (rounded up)
2. Upload from friend's location = 55-60 hrs (2+ days)

Did I get this correct?

I used this calculator