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puddingsmith ([personal profile] hope) wrote2011-05-16 12:26 am

All porn, all the time

When I first saw last night there was a frotfest, I was all "haha, oh, MERLIN FANDOM, you have fests for everything!" But then I went and wrote two stories for it in two days. Yes, stories, even though it's supposed to be commentfic, because we all know that I can't write anything short any more.

Anyway, if you fancy some too-long frottage porn comment fic that smells of the lamp*, here: Gwaine/Merlin in the library, Gwaine/Gwen and sex pollen.

And, because I've been meaning to link it for a while and this seems an appropriate opportunity: I've been curating a porn tumblr, which you can find at frigging. (Gosh, I love the internet. I totally just gave you my porn stash, you guys! Clear my cache if I'm in a plane crash or something, will you?) I probably don't need to say this, but it's absolutely NSFW.

And if you need to know if it's okay for you to look at before you click: Sometimes it contains people consensually engaging in rough/kinky sex (without trigger warnings). It also contains men doing men, men doing women, women doing women, women doing men, trans and genderqueer people doing and being done by other trans and genderqueer people and men and women, multiple combinations of the above at the same time. It also contains people doing themselves, people just posing and looking delicious on their own; all of the above including people who are fat and thin and in between. Most of them are naked.

Basically, my brain is just a giant, polymorphous, pansexual slut (and I say that with totally reclamatory intentions), and I reblog/post anything that pushes my varied buttons.

Speaking of which, this photo in particular (again, NSFW) has been frantically mashing my button with a sweaty fist for several days now. I probably don't need to explain why if you've read any of my fanfiction lately.

If you're also a lover of tumblr for its fantastic porn curation, rec me your favourites? (including yours, if you've got one :D)

* the interpretation of which meaning I stayed up way too late writing it, rather than the one where I laboured long and hard to result in great literature.

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