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puddingsmith ([personal profile] hope) wrote2011-12-22 09:14 am

The LJ thing

What [personal profile] anatsuno said.

Dreamwidth account creation is open (i.e. don't require an invite code) until next year. (And even after that, invite codes are easy to come by!) It's also very easy to import your journal and comments from LJ and continue to crosspost if you wish.

I get the "but all the fannish community stuff happens on LJ!", I really do. (That's why I still use mine!) But please remember that YOU are part of "everyone", and if you start the shift, then you're helping to build the community in a friendlier space.

If you're a friend on LJ and have a dreamwidth and you're planning on crossposting, let me know? I will remove you from my reading filter on LJ and read you on dth instead, if that's the case. (But please, PLEASE let me know that you are consistently crossposting when you give me your username - there have been times when I've added someone to read on dth and removed them on LJ and then not seen anything from them for a year because they don't crosspost. Argh!)

And, like, don't be scared of crossposting. Just set it up once then put an "update journal" link in your bookmarks, and click on it when you want to post to your journals and bam, no great extra effort from updating LJ.
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[personal profile] shehasathree 2011-12-22 03:12 am (UTC)(link)
I've finally got my crossposting sorted out, so there shouldn't be anything on lj that isn't on dw.