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Yue ([personal profile] yue_ix) wrote in [personal profile] hope 2012-01-07 07:29 am (UTC)

I can't say that it doesn't treat artists well - in fact, the vast majority of artists seem perfectly content or thrilled with it, and I'm one of the very few who has publicly expressed discontentment with some things. I had to go out of my way to be allowed to be the only official cheerleader for artists (-only) on the whole fest, and was informed that a number of services weren't offered because no one else but me had pointed out their lack.

(Thank you for that link; it summarises perfectly a lot of my feelings and works wonder in making me feel less alone. I previously had Making Big Bangs Artist Friendly as a useful link, and both post say very similar things in the way of how collaborative fests in some fandoms treat artists as less.)

If you join, I hope you'll find it a motivational environment. The mod is communicative, the people are absolutely lovely, and authors have told me they were able to surpass lots of blocks in their writing through that fest. The weekly volunteer-ran chats were great to participate in and had 30-minutes-of-productivity rounds to motivate each other. Plus, through all that, if someone signs up and they can't finish on that schedule you can be sure that fandom will always be ready to receive that epic another time. ^^

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