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2011 Fic Review

Stories posted this year... (with wordcount)

As fey would have it (7411)
Only thyme will tell (3215)
Fit to be tied (4926)

Social MediƦ (5040)
Aqua Pura (7162)
Because You're Worth It (1649)
Golden (2245)

Along a Wandering Wind (63,401)
Day after 'As fey would have it' (1658)

Tourney (2993)

Handfast (1704)

In the Library (2368)

Post Meridian (3822)

The Very Important Quest (25,000)

Worked on, but not finished or published:

- The poly university AU set in Melbourne (36,501)
- Arthur turns into a horse (2036)
- Sequel/future fic for Along a Wandering Wind (4898)


Total published words: 132,594
Total written words: 139,528
Total stories/ficlets/snippets published: 14

Ideas that I still really want to write (but haven't started):

- Gwaine/Jack Harkness (Jack is waiting out time somewhere in a cave in Wales. Gwaine comes across him in his wandering. Sex ensues).
- Gwaine/everyone - Gwaine is a sex addict and all the knights (and Arthur and Merlin) help him out.
- Arthur/Merlin - druid civil war epic
- Arthur/Merlin - forced magic outing hero's tourney epic
- Gwaine/Merlin magical erectile dysfunction fic
- The Gwaine/Merlin/Lancelot sequel to As fey would have it
- Gwaine/Merlin/Lancelot drunken threesome (KMM prompt)
- Gwaine/Merlin post-s4 hurt/comfort
- Arthur/Merlin battle reveal
- Morgana is the hero
- Gwaine/Merlin/Arthur where Gwaine & Merlin are bounty hunters (KMM prompt)
- Magical tentacles that molest everyone in Camelot

My favorite of my own stories this year:

Along a Wandering Wind, of course. Deep love for this story.

My best story this year:

Along a Wandering Wind also, thanks to all the hard work everyone else put into it, too.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

Aqua Pura. I like how twisty this one turned out, am quite proud of all the character and relationship dynamics complexity. Doesn't seem to be much of a popular one, though.

Most fun story:

Social MediƦ. Because I adore puns, and more than that, I loved coming up with them with nix & DB over dinner.

Most sexy story:

As fey would have it, I think. Which was enabled by the whole anon posting thing. I have a guilty fondness for porny stories before I've had them filed down by a beta!

Story with single sexiest moment:

God, I don't know? There are pretty sexy moments in all my porn, which in some ways are difficult to compare because I find the sexiest bits the bits that tie in with the character arc of the story closely. So probably As fey would have it or Post Meridian.

Hardest story to write:

The Very Important Quest was like pulling teeth at the end. Because of the deadline, and my annoying verbosity.

"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you" fic:

I HATE THIS QUESTION. Why do I leave it in every year? Note to future self: JUST DELETE THIS ONE.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

Along a Wandering Wind really cemented a lot of my fanon crushes into well-rounded characters.

Biggest disappointment:

That I didn't finish the Uni AU.

Biggest surprise:

That I wrote a freaking novel!

Most telling story:

Along a Wandering Wind for being my ultimate idfic romance.

What's next?

I want to finish the ones I started - esp the Uni AU, which has over 36K words in it. I would love to fill some of the KMM prompts I've had bookmarked for nearly a year. I was hoping to do the Merlin big bang, but I don't think I'll manage it.

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Oh, I love these posts. Thank you.

*adds to memories*