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Masterlist: Torchwood / Doctor Who (Whoniverse)

This is the master post for my Whoniverse fannish shenanigans!

All my Torchwood fic can also be found on the Archive of Our Own, and all works inc. fanart on my website.

Most recent items first.

Fanart by me

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Fanfiction by me

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  • Cyberwoman AU
    (NC-17, ~10,000, UNFINISHED)
    Lisa/Ianto, Lisa/Jack, Jack/Ianto.
    Incomplete and abandoned - posted with annotation.

  • Goodbye Dolly
    (NC-17, ~2,000)
    Jack/Ianto, PWP.
    Hotel rooms have a way of aiding nostalgia.

  • Composite
    (R, ~4,400)
    Suzie/Jack, Jack/Ianto. Pre-series.
    The prompt was “I would love to see some Ianto and Susie interaction. Er, before Susie is dead and all. I'm fond of the idea that she knows *something* is up, that Ianto is hiding something, even if she hasn't a clue what.”

  • Underwood (NC-17, ~6,400)
    Jack/Ianto, PWP/Desk porn.
    Pornography and paperwork.

  • Lucky Number (NC-17, ~18,000)
    Jack/Ianto/Gwen. For [livejournal.com profile] mistletw.
    It’s not just like Christmas every day, it is Christmas every day.

  • Golden Ratio (Mature, ~11,000)
    For 12 Days of Cliche. Jack/Ianto.
    Some things are constants. (A canon-compliant fixit, spanning several centuries.)

  • On the Mend (PG-13, ~500)
    For 12 Days of Cliche. Jack/Ianto
    Hurt/comfort of a different sort.

  • Kiss the Boys Goodbye (PG-13, ~500)
    For 12 Days of Cliche. Torchwood/Doctor Who (Jack).
    He is a glutton, and the 1940s on Earth are his feast of choice.

  • Proxy (PG-13, ~1,700)
    For 12 Days of Cliche. Lisa/Ianto, Lisa/Jack. Role reversal AU.

  • First Aid (NC-17, ~7,500)
    For 12 Days of Cliche. Jack/Ianto.
    First aid: the provision of initial care for an illness or injury, administered until professional medical help is available. (Set throughout Season 1; Small Worlds, Countrycide, Out of Time.)

  • Performance Review (NC-17, ~4,000)
    Lisa/Ianto, pre-series.
    Ianto and Lisa at Torchwood One. A porny beginning.

  • You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (R, ~11,000)
    Jack/Ianto, post-S2 (AU that disregards CoE)
    An ordinary end to an ordinary day. Except this is Torchwood, where ends tend not to be ordinary.

  • Kiss Kiss, Pew Pew (PG-13, ~6,000)
    AU, team.
    An AU launched from the end of Torchwood season 1. The TARDIS never ended up at the end of the universe, but the Doctor's penchant for leaving Jack behind is still going strong.

  • Not with a bang or a whimper(& outtake & timestamp) (PG-13, ~7,300)
    Children of Earth coda. Ianto & team (past and future), Jack/Ianto. For flashfic_hub.
    Five places Ianto's story went next.

  • A Band of Related Objects (PG-13, ~3,000, co-written with [personal profile] cupidsbow)
    Team, Jack/Ianto. For flashfic_hub.

  • Last Orders (NC-17, ~1,500)
    Jack/Ianto, for the porn battle. Drunk!sex is drunken. Post-Exit Wounds.

  • The Secretary (NC-17 ~7,000)
    Jack/Ianto, kink
    “Have you always had such an unhealthy fixation on office supplies, sir?” / “Only since I got a secretary.”

  • In the bleak December (PG, ~2,200)
    gen, Exit Wounds AU. The cryo unit malfunctions.

  • Well Played (& timestamp) (NC-17 ~7,700)
    Jack/Ianto, genderfuck, PWP
    The first time they'd played this particular game, Ianto had wondered at what it said about their maturity. But the way he and Jack play it—play each other with it—well, Ianto's sure there's no universe in which it'd be considered juvenile.

  • Intermezzo (NC-17 ~2,000)
    Jack/Ianto, Jack/Ianto[/Gwen] PWP.

  • A Fowl Morn (may turn into a fair day) (NC-17, ~11,000)
    wingfic, Jack/Ianto
    "You're right, Sir," Ianto says, folding his arms across his chest and ignoring the irritation and anxiety being translated into the rustle of wings, pulling uncomfortably at the muscles across his shoulders, feathers brushing against his arse. "This is far from the worst thing that's ever happened to me."

  • Born Every Minute (R, ~4,000)
    Circus AU, kink, Jack/Ianto.
    All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

  • Torchbook: Everything Changes (PG-13)
    Facebook newsfeed spoof.

  • We Happy Few (NC-17, ~48,000)
    Het/slash/femmslash, crack/humour/angst, teamfic. Various combinations of Tosh/Owen/Ianto/Gwen.
    Jack’s a captive on the Valiant and the Master has initiated the extinction of humanity. Meanwhile, in Cardiff, the imminent threat has triggered a lockdown of the Hub, trapping the Torchwood Three team inside. For a year. (A “year-that-wasn’t” story of exceeding silliness.)

  • Boe, Face of (file under "B") (PG-13, ~1,000)
    Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover. Crack. Vague Ianto/Face of Boe.
    Ianto wonders just where the rest of Boe’s body is, if the face has ended up alone here.

  • Caledfwlch (PG-13, ~600)
    Crack, crossover with Arthurian mythology. Teamfic.
    Jack Harkness finds Excalibur!


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