hope: Art of a woman writing from tour poster (merlin - gwaine hair flip)
puddingsmith ([personal profile] hope) wrote2011-07-16 04:30 pm

Mini Gwaine Playlist

Because you know how you procrastinate writing by making playlists? Yeah.

These are Gwaine songs, for me. Good for listening to to actually get over the writing procrastination.

  1. Baby Britain - Elliot Smith
  2. Hangover - Gomez
  3. Cheers Darlin' - Damien Rice
  4. goodbye yellow brick road - Sarah Blasko
  5. Band on Every Corner - The Whitlams
Download playlist here. (27.48MB zipped / ~22 minutes)

A comment if you download would be lovely!

I have been working for some time on an Epic Romance playlist, but that still needs much more work.

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