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WIP Meme

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Feel free to ask about anything and I'll tell you the premise or paste you a tidbit [don't need encouragement for that!] for any of these.

  • sex addict / prompt

  • Fey the day after (want to continue what I started here)

  • KMM: Drunk threesome

  • gwaine_quest

  • Horse

    “All right,” Merlin says again, far from calm, backing away, “all right, all right—no need for that, just—” The horse treads alarmingly closer, not letting Merlin put much distance between them at all. “—What do you want?

    This is ridiculous. Merlin is talking to a horse for god’s sake—and since when have horses been such bullies is what he wants to know; any horse worth its salt—especially ones unbridled and unshod as this one seems to be—should be running away from a person, not harassing them.

    It’s that thought that finally brings Merlin up short, stopping stock still and staring at the horse with wide eyes. “Hello,” he says cautiously, feeling faintly ridiculous but not enough to dismiss his suspicions. “Are you all right?”

  • romance and rescues

    She looks up to meet his eyes, finds him looking determined in a mad sort of way. “Don’t think you’re running off without me,” she warns him.


    “If it were completely harmless they’d be back by now, and here you are proposing to go into a clearly dangerous, clearly magic-negating territory on your own?” She stands up straight and folds her arms over her chest. “It’s not going to happen.”

    “But you’re—“

    “The Queen. Your regent. Who can give you orders, and also be seen to be going to her country house, far away from the castle while the court breaks for summer. I might even be meeting my husband there, and that’s why his plans for arriving home have been altered.”

    Merlin gets the defiant expression he does when he no longer has a reason to argue with Arthur, but still wants to.

  • KMM: bounty hunters

  • Poly Melb

    “Fancy meeting you here,” Merlin says when he gets close enough, coming to stand almost between Arthur’s legs. He kicks the sole of Arthur’s shoe and raises an eyebrow, letting his gaze run down Arthur’s sprawled body. His mouth is twisted in a confident smirk and his eyes, when they lock on to Arthur’s again, are warm with knowing; Arthur feels heat prickle from the back of his neck down his arms, remembering the last time he saw and touched Merlin this morning—just before he’d pretty much passed out in bliss.

    Arthur props himself up higher on the heels of his palms, and smirks right back. “Pure coincidence,” he says, tipping his chin up minutely; of course Merlin gets the hint, leaning down to kiss him—sweeping the breath right out of Arthur’s chest with a sneaky lick of his tongue that Arthur was not expecting. As lovely as it is, Arthur starts to draw back as he feels the moment stretch beyond the standard allotment of time given for PDAs; Merlin stops him with a firm hand to Arthur’s nape, holding him in hard for a few beats longer before drawing away again.

    Merlin’s eyes are bright and still locked on Arthur’s when he straightens, hint of a flush high on his cheekbones. Arthur feels a similar heat below his own skin, but it’s more exhilaration than embarrassment—he can’t look away. At least until Gwen giggles beside him, and he glances to her then looks down—only becoming aware when he’s done it that the bashfulness is calculated.

  • Impotence

  • Morgana

  • Battle reveal

  • merlin_holidays (that I cannot share anything of, being sworn to secrecy. But I wrote 2K of it today, yay!)

  • And a wholllle subdirectory of KMM prompts that piqued my fancy!

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