The LJ thing

  • Dec. 22nd, 2011 at 9:14 AM
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What [personal profile] anatsuno said.

Dreamwidth account creation is open (i.e. don't require an invite code) until next year. (And even after that, invite codes are easy to come by!) It's also very easy to import your journal and comments from LJ and continue to crosspost if you wish.

I get the "but all the fannish community stuff happens on LJ!", I really do. (That's why I still use mine!) But please remember that YOU are part of "everyone", and if you start the shift, then you're helping to build the community in a friendlier space.

If you're a friend on LJ and have a dreamwidth and you're planning on crossposting, let me know? I will remove you from my reading filter on LJ and read you on dth instead, if that's the case. (But please, PLEASE let me know that you are consistently crossposting when you give me your username - there have been times when I've added someone to read on dth and removed them on LJ and then not seen anything from them for a year because they don't crosspost. Argh!)

And, like, don't be scared of crossposting. Just set it up once then put an "update journal" link in your bookmarks, and click on it when you want to post to your journals and bam, no great extra effort from updating LJ.


Hiiiii readers!

  • Sep. 2nd, 2010 at 7:00 PM
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So, apparently LJ is behaving in a way that makes fannish users unhappy again. For the record, I am perfectly ok with you linking to public entries of mine wherever you like - that's why they're public! Tweet and/or Facebook away, if that's your bag.

But please respect my privacy and don't repost anything I have under friends lock. Ta!

If you're one of the masses who is really unhappy with this change, I'm sure you've already heard about Dreamwidth - if you'd like to get an account over there, please help yourself to one of my invite codes )

And while you're here, check out the latest version of the under-development Update page for Dreamwidth. I've been closely involved in working on that development, and I am super-excited about it being released, along with a bunch of additional new features. :D


Dreamwidth invite codes

  • Aug. 21st, 2010 at 4:51 PM
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Take 'em if you want 'em. But leave me a comment if you do?


3 weeks of Dreamwidth

  • Apr. 26th, 2010 at 10:39 AM
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I am going to play the Three Weeks of Dreamwidth game starting from today!

The Dth-only content I post will probably be fandom-related and thus all public; I'll keep crossposting my flocked stuff. If you'd like to keep up you can subscribe to me on Dreamwidth ([personal profile] hope), subscribe to my RSS feed, or if you really can't visit any other site than LJ, set up a syndicated feed to read on your flist.

If you don't have a Dreamwidth account and would like one, here are some invite codes:






ETA: Drop me a comment if you use a code?

First up I will probably be doing something fic-related, possibly involving prompts, so come and play!

Feb. 1st, 2010

  • 9:02 AM
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Not to make apologies for LJ, but "It's personal" has already been changed and didn't last very long at all - check out the link in the comment here:

In related news, all the shitty things about LJ make Dreamwidth look like it's through the looking glass. If you want an invite for a Dth account, ask and you shall receive. Transferring and mirroring content is a breeze, too.


Crossposting fail

  • Aug. 16th, 2009 at 10:12 PM
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Dear people reading me on Dreamwidth: For some reason, my process of crossposting from LJ to Dth is broken, due to the constipated importer. So for the time being I'm just posting to [ profile] angstslashhope. When it's not being so persnickity I'll start crossposting again, and will let you know when.


Dreamwidth shenanigans

  • May. 18th, 2009 at 6:18 PM
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I've finally got around to getting through what was stopping me using Dreamwidth more - a layout I didn't really like. I've now revamped my dreamwidth layout and redone my LJ layout too so they look pretty much exactly the same. i.e. so I'll have no excuse to hang around one more than the other :)

So, this is my official notice that I'll be crossposting from now on. Comments will be open on both places, but I'll be archiving my LJ comments on my Dth as well.

I've been going through and taking people out of my reading filter on LJ* as I see them crossposting, but to double-check again: dear friends, please complete this poll if appropriate...

[Poll #1401871]

To those people who only crosspost *some* things.... *shakes fist at you*

* Not defriending, because then you won't have access to flocked things here, if you still want to read them here.

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  • Apr. 30th, 2009 at 6:05 PM
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re: crossposting and such:

Right now I'm thinking that I don't want to use the crossposter just yet, mainly because I don't want to turn comments off over here but do want to be able to archive all comments at dreamwidth.

Right now I can do that by posting over here then importing over there, but that means that my imported entries don't show up on people's reading pages over there.

So basically I'm planning on continuing to post here and regularly import until the crossposting & importing let me merge comments.*

I am reading both here and dreamwidth, though. What this means is:

- people in both places, don't take me off your LJ flist yet as here's where my entries will show up on your friends page

- people in both places, I will filter you out of my default reading list here (because i prefer to read/comment there if you're over there), but I won't defriend as that would kill your access to my flocked entries.

You're welcome to read and comment on the entries I'll be importing to, though, if you feel the urge :)

A note about OpenID at Dreamwidth: If you've claimed your OpenID over there and then go on to get an account, do not delete your OpenID account. They're talking about building in functions where you can claim your OpenID with your Dw account, and perhaps do more things with all the comments that people have imported that are still attributed to your OpenID. Basically: Don't delete it. There's no need, you'll only be shooting yourself in the future awesome foot.

Bwee! nearly open beta time! :D

* except for the occasional dreamwidth-specific post, which is specifically about using dreamwidth, which I'll only post at dreamwidth.


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Okay, so we've got:

- users whose entries you can see on your reading page
-- public entries only will turn up on your reading page if the user does do not grant you access
-- public entries and protected entries will turn up on your reading page if the user does grant you access.

So, the question is: What if I subscribe to someone because I want to read *only* their public entries, and they grant me access? i.e. their protected posts will automatically show up on my reading page, whether I want them to or not?

I ask this question because for me, this is a fundamental purpose of the 'subscribe' feature.

It's not just about whether I'm granting the user access to my protected entries by wanting to follow them. It's that I'm *only* interested in what they're posting publicly. In my case, generally it's to do with fannish vs. meatspace content. In many LJs in my community, fannish content will be posted publicly and meatspace content flocked.

Presently on LJ I manage to keep up with these public entries without friending journals with the tracking function. This lets me: a) specify what sort of content I want to keep up with, b) subsequently weed out the content i'm not interested in keeping up with, and of course c) not give the user access to my flocked entries.

But it also disengages me to a degree; the user doesn't know I'm tracking them in any way, whereas I would be indicating my interest in them - making a connection - if I friended/subscribed to them.

So I guess what I'm getting down to is, I want Dw's subscription feature to exert more control over what I want to see, either:

- If a user has granted you access, when subscribing to them you can specify if you want their public entries only, or both public and protected, on your reading page


- The tracking-tags function transformed from a notification service to a subscription service - you can subscribe to my "fic: torchwood" tag and only my public (and/or protected) torchwood fic entries would show up on your reading page.

Does anyone know if anything like this is in the works? Is it worth me requesting it as a feature?

* I say 'awkward topic' because I think we're still struggling to disconnect ourselves from the connection of "friending" with "i want to be your friend!" Actually, subscription may mean that I *don't* want to be your friend. And that's no more a bad thing than not wanting to be friends with the owners of blogs you subscribe through through your RSS aggregator.


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Okay, so, considering the dramallama of LJers being OMG ABANDONED by Dw crossposters suggesting they comment with OpenID:

Ideally*, I'd love to be able to crosspost and allow comments in both locations, then import comments from LJ on a regular basis into the original Dw post.

So, I did a couple of tests to see if it could work like that already....

- Posts that automatically direct comments to Dw are duplicated in an import. I assume because the additional "this is crossposted, comment thence" line suggests it's a different post.

- Posts that have comments open in both places aren't duplicated, as the content of the entry is identical... But comments on LJ aren't imported into the original Dw post.

Can't find any mention of anything like this in the bugtracker - anyone know if it's on the cards?

* Well actually, ideally I'd love all my friends and fandoms to just come over to Dw. *sighs wistfully and enjoys Fantasy Land*


Sticky post of Statusness

  • Apr. 19th, 2009 at 8:08 PM


Apr. 14th, 2009

  • 10:05 AM
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I has a Dreamwidth account!

Nothing there just yet... I am still lying in bed, to be honest :D

If your username has changed between here and there, tell me??


OMG YOU GUYS MY USERNAME IS HOPE! It feels simultaneously WEIRD - like putting on a new pair of shoes after being comfortable in the last pair for the past 7 years - but also REALLY AWESOME, like THESE SHOES ARE FUCKING ACE AND THEY LOOK FABULOUS ON ME!

I also want to say here that as of this moment I am not up and leaving this livejournal by any means. The same reasons for my sticking around here during strikethrough etc still stand - All my friends are here! So why, you may ask in wounded bewilderment, are you going to dreamwidth NOW?

2 reasons, my friends:

1) I am in this for the long term. Dreamwidth is in this for the long term. As with most aspects of my life, if I can go for the most sustainable and ethically sound option, I will.

2) Dreamwidth is being made (MADE) for people like me who don't want to leave their flist behind. Keeping friends from LJ and letting them keep you, flocked or not, is being hardwired into the Dw code.

In summary: I am not abandoning or disappearing. Next time you see me I may just look a little taller because I have NEW SHOOOOOOOES!*

ETA 2: * by which I mean to say, my migration process will be a gradual one, it's not easy leaving after 7 years by any means; you'll get a lot more warning if/when I ever stop posting here.